1. 01.Margharita

    Tomato and cheese
  2. 28.Bacon Five Cheese

    Chicken, bacon and five cheese
  3. 33.Doner Pizza

    Doner meat, mushroom, onion and peppers
  4. 05.Fioriantina

    Roasted chicken, italian sausage, sundried tomato and red onion
  5. 10.Athina

    Feta cheese, olives, fresh garlic and red onion
  6. 15.Roma

    Italian sausage, ham and fresh garlic
  7. 20.Chicago Town

    Bacon, sausage, pepperoni and fried chicken
  8. 26.California

    Ham, bacon, salami, fresh garlic and red onion
  9. 31.Deep Sea

    Prawns, tuna, mushroom and peppers
  10. 03.Pepperoni

    Double pepperoni
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