1. 01.Margharita

    Tomato and cheese
  2. 18.Meat Eater

    Meatballs, sausage, bacon and ham
  3. 23.Texican BBQ

    BBQ base, pepperoni, sausage, bacon and meatballs
  4. 29.Free Entry

    Add four toppings of your choice
  5. 24.BBQ Meater

    BBQ base, chicken, Italian Sausage & Bacon
  6. 06.Italian Job

    Baby spinach, italian sausage, sundried tomato and cherry tomato
  7. 11.Mexican Hot

    Spicy beef, spicy chiken, jalapeno and red onion
  8. 16.Porky Delight

    Pepperoni, ham, bacon, sasauge and italian sausage
  9. 21.BBQ Pizza

    BBQ base, chicken, bacon, sweetcorn and red onion
  10. 27.Cheese Lover

    Five cheese and mozzarella
  11. 32.Torina

    Anchovies, chicken, baby spinach and suhdries tomato
  12. 04.Farmhouse

    Ham, chicken and mushroom
  13. 09.Vegetarian Sweet

    Mushroom, sweetcorn, red onion, pineapple and cherry tomato
  14. 14.Chefs Special

    Chicken, feta cheese, baby spinach, onion and sundried tomato
  15. 19.Orlando

    Salami, bacon, mushroom and peppers
  16. 25.Big Boy

    Salami, meatballs, beef and cherry tomatoes
  17. 30.Seafood

    Tuna, prawns, anchovies and fresh garlic
  18. 02.Hawaiian

    Ham and pineapple
  19. 07.Vegetarian

    Mushroom, sweetcorn, red onion, peppers and cherry tomato
  20. 12.Bombay Spice

    Tandoori chicken, chillies, red onion and fresh garlic
  21. 17.Meat Lovers

    Pepperoni, salami, chicken and beef
  22. 22.BBQ Chicken

    BBQ base, chicken, sweetcorn and mushroom
  23. 28.Bacon Five Cheese

    Chicken, bacon and five cheese
  24. 33.Doner Pizza

    Doner meat, mushroom, onion and peppers
  25. 05.Fioriantina

    Roasted chicken, italian sausage, sundried tomato and red onion
  26. 10.Athina

    Feta cheese, olives, fresh garlic and red onion
  27. 15.Roma

    Italian sausage, ham and fresh garlic
  28. 20.Chicago Town

    Bacon, sausage, pepperoni and fried chicken
  29. 26.California

    Ham, bacon, salami, fresh garlic and red onion
  30. 31.Deep Sea

    Prawns, tuna, mushroom and peppers
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